Wild Patagonia

Wild Patagonia
December 29, 2017
8 Days
Overland Adventure
12 Guests
From $4,980
Guanaco, Patagonia

Expedition Highlights

  • Spend two-and-a-half days exploring Torres del Paine National Park; nearly 150 native animal species and over 100 species of birds, reside in the steppe and forested areas.
  • Take a cruise near the face of Perito Moreno Glacier, where there is a good chance to watch actively calving icebergs.
  • Enjoy exclusive excursions at Patagonia Camp located on the shores of Lake Toro with fantastic views of the Paine Massif.
  • Photograph the dramatic landscapes of twisted, snow-dusted peaks, sparkling waterfalls, emerald lakes, and verdant valleys.

Expedition Team

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