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Amy Loewen


Amy Loewen

Amy first fell in love with Japan after two years of teaching English to over 12,000 junior high students across Kanazawa, where she also studied judo and performed in an all-female taiko-drumming troupe. After returning to North America, Amy worked in museums in Hawaii and San Francisco before finding her way back to travel and education. Amy has worked both backstage, managing the operations of educational trips to Japan, as well as on the front lines, lecturing on ships and scoping out new itineraries for tours in Asia.

Amy holds her master’s degree in TESOL (English Language Education), and teaches English as a second language at a community college in the San Francisco Bay area. She also returns to Japan every summer to teach at a graduate university in the countryside of Niigata, and joins our Japan voyage to share her boundless enthusiasm for Japanese culture, language, and food. Amy’s curiosity extends to the natural world where she loves spending time outdoors, adding to her knowledge of birds, reptiles, insects, mushrooms, and plants. Her lectures focus on everyday life and culture in Japan and the interplay between language, thought, and behavior.


Amy's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Treasures of Japan with South Korea

    Treasures of Japan with South Korea

    April 12April 28, 2019

    A classic Zegrahm expedition, not only will you enjoy a thorough Japan tour, you'll also spend a full day in Gyeongju, South Korea. Other highlights include visiting sacred Shinto shrines and ancient Buddhist temples, discovering Hiroshima, and spending time in Matsue.