Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Bob Quaccia


Bob Quaccia

Bob chose adventure as a career more than thirty years ago when he became a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Bob has recently spent five summers as a skiff operator for the Alaska Marine Mammal Observing Program, which has taken him to the remote waters of Kodiak, Yakutat, and southeast Alaska with a focus on sustainability. He holds a B.S. in biology with the bulk of his studies in natural history. He is currently the Programs Director for the Rogue Valley Audubon Society and has served on the board for two terms. An active birder, he has participated in thirty Christmas bird counts and led numerous field trips in Alaska and Oregon. Bob also holds a USCG captain’s license and spends his winters skippering dolphin and whale watching tours in Kona, Hawaii. 


Bob's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Atlasova Island

    Wild Kamchatka with the Kuril Islands

    May 20June 4, 2020

    Search for the region's prolific wildlife on Zodiac cruises and naturalist-guided walks. Witness huge concentrations of seabirds in a frenzy of breeding activity, step ashore on beaches crowded with northern fur seals and Steller's sea lions, and photograph stunning scenery, including wildflower studded tundra backdropped by volcanic peaks.