Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Caroline Barrie-Smith


Caroline Barrie-Smith

Originally from Bishops Waltham, a quiet village on England’s south coast, Caroline has gone on to travel the world and explore some of its remotest corners.

Caroline has been fascinated by history and archaeology since she was a child and could often be found digging up the garden in search of artifacts from another era.  Caroline studied archaeology whilst living in Japan and immediately upon her return to the UK volunteered on the ground breaking excavations in the World Heritage site at Stonehenge.  She moved on to become a maritime archaeologist and found her forte as an education officer in a maritime archaeology unit, teaching the secrets and mysteries of shipwrecks and submerged settlements. Surprisingly though, Caroline’s historic heroes don’t come from the world of archaeology but rather the world of exploration.  From the very first humans moving out of Africa to the explorers of the 20th century, Caroline finds this world fascinating and loves to learn and share everything on the subject.

When not with Zegrahm, Caroline can be found working as a maritime archaeologist around the coast of the UK, snowboarding, dancing, making soap, woodworking or creating origami works of art.