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Chris Stamper

Safari Guide
Chris Stamper

Chris began his career as a professional safari guide in South Africa in 2001. His love of nature and skills from tracking and observing wildlife has always left clients with a new and deep understanding of Africa, its beauty, and its people. Whether it be on trails, in game vehicles, or sitting around a campfire, Chris is captivating when discussing the stunning sites and incredible wildlife of southern Africa.

Chris's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Signature Botswana

    Signature Botswana

    May 16May 28, 2017

    Join this brand-new itinerary that reveals the many wonders of one of Africa's premier safari destinations during the beginning of the dry season, when large concentrations of animals gather around the water sources.

  • Namibia

    Ultimate Namibia

    July 24August 8, 2017

    From the zebras and rhinos of Etosha National Park, to the desert-adapted elephants of Damaraland, to a friendly Himba village, this comprehensive Namibia tour reveals the country’s treasured vistas, cultures, and wildlife. 

  • What Exactly IS the Great Migration?

    Gorillas & the Great Migration: Rwanda & Tanzania

    August 24September 8, 2017

    From Tanzania’s vast Serengeti to Rwanda’s lush, mountain forests, experience the great migration in all its glory, trekking in Virunga National Park and hiking in Nyungwe National Park, with accommodations in East Africa’s finest safari lodges and tented camps.