Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Cynthia Gneiser

Cruise Director
Cynthia Gneiser

Cynthia is an outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, and compassionate leader. Raised in Northern California, Cynthia graduated with Honors in Women’s Studies and Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her love for culture is matched only by her love for the sea. Acting as a Scuba Instructor and Cruise Director, in addition to having her 50 ton Captain’s License, she has honed her ability to share remote places with intrepid explorers. Recently, Cynthia has worked with dolphins and special needs children, as well as taught Marine Science at a Montessori school, both while raising two children. Some of Cynthia’s favorite destination experiences include the South Pacific islands, Indonesia, the Philippines, Northern Australia, Central America, the Russian Far East, and the Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand.

Cynthia's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Wild Caribbean with the Grenadines

    December 4December 17, 2016

    On our journey through the lesser-known Eastern Caribbean, we’ll venture to ports inaccessible to larger ships, affording you the chance for dazzling snorkeling, hiking, bird-watching—glimpse the St. Vincent parrot—and explorations of historic forts and peaceful colonial plazas.