Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Dan Olsen

Expedition Leader

Dan Olsen

Dan is a whale biologist who lives in Seward, Alaska. Dan spent many years teaching Outward Bound courses in mountaineering, sailing, and kayaking in Alaska, Washington, Florida, and Mexico, and honed his maritime skills on multiple tall ships, splicing and tying lines, climbing the rigging, and furling sails. He then spent many years around glaciers and puffins as a boat captain in Kenai Fjords National Park. Dan recently earned a Master’s degree for his studies of killer whale diet and behavior. He spends a good deal of time listening with an underwater hydrophone to identify specific killer whale families by their dialects. Dan is also a world traveler, and when not immersed in spreadsheets, he can be found rappelling into slot canyons in Zion, juggling rocks in Greenland, or playing the ukulele in Antarctica.  


Dan's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Gros Morne National Park, Canada

    Path of the Vikings: Reykjavik to Quebec

    August 27September 12, 2019

    Cruise along chiseled fjords packed with icebergs for up-close views of glittering glaciers on our brand-new expedition that explores the Arctic region of Iceland, Greenland, and Canada. You'll search for beluga whales, and seabirds such as razorbills, guillemots, and kittiwakes, and enjoy a hike through Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Gentoo Penguins, Antarctica

    Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands

    January 4January 25, 2020

    Following in Sir Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps, explore the White Continent’s rugged landscape, meeting vast penguin colonies in South Georgia, greeting albatross in the Falkland Islands, and enjoying every long moment of daylight in the austral summer.

  • Denali National Park

    Alaska's National Parks

    July 28August 11, 2020

    Join your expedition leader on an incredible Alaskan adventure—highlights include exploring Denali and Wrangell-St. Elias parks, hiking glaciers, and spotting bald eagles in Prince William Sound.