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Guillermo Knell


Guillermo Knell

Guillermo grew up in Lima, Peru and earned a B.S. in biology at Ricardo Palma University and a M.S. in ecotourism at Agraria University. From 2003 - 2005 he worked at the Field Museum in Chicago as an international program field manager for the museum’s environmental and conservation program. He organized and coordinated rapid biological inventories for conservation projects in Cuba and several remote areas of the Amazon basin, primarily in Peru. Guillermo got his start as a naturalist guide by leading nighttime forest walks in the Amazon, and his interpretive interests and leadership expanded from there, including designing eco-friendly activities for Amazonian ecolodges and managing logistics for filmmakers and their crews in the Tambopata National Reserve and similar regions, including BBC, Icon Films, and Galatee Films. He has worked on expedition cruise ships in the Amazon basin, the west coast of South America, and on the Orinoco River, and as a naturalist guide in Suriname, Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Trinidad and Tobago. He has had the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most significant wildlife destinations and has consulted with non-governmental organizations focusing on ecotourism projects and natural interpretation issues. He has worked on these issues alongside native communities in the Amazon basin and in remote places like Sri Lanka. 

Guillermo's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Wild Guyana

    Wild Guyana

    October 30November 8, 2019

    Search Guyana’s rainforest, rivers, and savanna for rare and endangered species, such as giant anteaters, black caiman, harpy eagles, giant river otters, and the elusive jaguar. And, witness the awesome power of Kaieteur Falls, the world’s largest single-drop waterfall by volume.