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Hector Williams

Maritime Archaeologist

Hector Williams

Hector Williams was raised in Churchill, Manitoba, the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” and worked for various northern agencies like the Hudson's Bay Company, the Northern Service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Department of Northern Affairs before deciding to move to warmer climes and become a classical archaeologist. He has maintained an interest in the north, its history, and its archaeology and has published several articles on Arctic Canada. He is currently working on Jens Munk, a Danish mariner who wintered near the mouth of the Churchill River in 1619-20. He has taught Greek, Roman, and maritime archaeology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and has been President of the Archaeological Institute of America/Canada as well as President of the Vancouver Maritime Museum Society. He directs UBC's archaeological projects in Greece at Mytilene and Stymphalos and has also worked on various other excavations in both Greece and Turkey. He has lectured on numerous trips for Zegrahm in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, down the coast of West Africa, in the Caribbean, and most recently down the west coast of South America.


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