Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Jan Wheatley

Travel Director

Jan Wheatley

Jan was born in Logan, Utah, and grew up in Newport Beach, California, where he studied political science and design. His travel career began in 1977, escorting groups for the National Retired Teachers Association of America. His career advanced as he became associated with People to People, leading political delegations around the world. Working with Travcoa and Zegrrahm has been the highlight of his travel career, helping curious travelers discover such exotic locales as Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, and China. His enthusiasm for travel is contagious, spending over half his life tour directing and in the process, visiting over 160 countries. Jan lives on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, as well as Thailand, "the land of smiles," on the Gulf of Siam. In his free time he enjoys his exotic garden and traveling to new parts of the world, as well as returning to favorite destinations with family and friends.

Jan's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Huli Wigmen

    Papua New Guinea with the Mount Hagen Cultural Show

    August 4August 19, 2019

    Spend two weeks exploring the wilds of Papua New Guinea. Take a cruise along the Karawari River, snorkel in Madang Lagoon, and attend the vibrant Mount Hagen Cultural Show, where upwards of 100 tribes will share their cultural traditions through colorful costumes, primal dances, and hypnotic music.

  • Dunes

    Amazing Namibia by Private Plane

    September 22October 8, 2019

    Discover remarkable and diverse desert scenery, unique desert-adapted wildlife, and meet with the nomadic Himba people on this comprehensive tour. You'll revel in the scenic splendor of Namibia as you travel with ease aboard a small private plane and enjoy stays in some of the country's most luxurious camps and lodges. 

  • Angkor Wat

    Intriguing Indochina

    November 2November 15, 2019

    Discover the timeless scenes of rural life, lush jungles, and golden temples of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. You'll also meet the unique hill tribes of Chiang Mai, and explore the exquisite temples of Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm.

  • Timket

    Ethiopia with the Timket Festival

    January 12January 23, 2020

    Ethiopia is known for its legendary historical sites, including some of the earliest churches known to Christendom in Lalibela and the royal castles of Gondar. Participate in the Timket Festival and witness exuberant songs, spontaneous dances, and colorful processions. You'll also search for wildlife in Simien Mountains National Park, home to the engaging gelada baboons.

  • Oberammergau Passion Play

    Austria, Germany & Switzerland with the Oberammergau Passion Play

    June 25July 7, 2020

    On this exciting expedition, the history and legends of Austria, Germany & Switzerland come to life. Highlights include stunning Alpine vistas at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, the unique once in a decade Passion Play in Oberammergau, and a breath-taking ride on the Glacier Express through some of Switzerland's most dramatic scenery.