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Kim Jane Saunders


Kim Jane Saunders

A teacher and writer, Kim is a graduate of international politics and history and holds a master's degree in education. She has lived in Hong Kong and Indonesia, and has traveled extensively throughout East and Southeast Asia. Her interest in the people and the arts and cultures of the Asian region continues to grow, especially with regard to textiles. She is the author of Contemporary Tie and Dye Textiles in Indonesia, published in1997 by Oxford University Press, and is currently engaged in research on tourism and handicraft production in Southeast Asia, with the University of North London. While living in Indonesia, Kim acted as chairman of the Ganesha Volunteers (Indonesian Heritage Society), a multinational organization that promotes Indonesia's cultural heritage. She also trained guides for the National Museum in Jakarta. Currently living in Penang, Malaysia, Kim acts as lecturer and consultant on issues relating to contemporary Asian culture. She has also worked with the travel and tourism industry for the past ten years, promoting awareness and appreciation for locally produced Southeast Asian handicrafts.

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