Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Marta Luna

Travel Director

Marta Luna

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marta speaks Portuguese, French, Italian, and English. She's an "insatiable traveler," very interested in history, art, and literature, and paints as a hobby. Marta became an American citizen in 1983 and the same year, began accompanying and translating for special groups such as archeologists and museum curators. She has served as a Travel Director for Travcoa since 1985, and lives in both Argentina and Italy.

Marta's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Glacier cruise

    Uruguay & Argentina: Tango, Vino & Patagonian Glaciers

    October 19November 2, 2019

    This journey explores breathtaking regions of Uruguay and Argentina. From the latter's renowned Uco Valley's Wine Road and its world-class wine, to the former's historic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Colonia del Sacramento, everyone will enjoy this exploration of southern South America.