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Matthew Whyte

Art Historian

Matthew Whyte

Hailing from the seaside town of Cork, Ireland, Matthew is a qualified Art Historian, earning his undergraduate degree in Art History & Philosophy in 2014 from University College Cork. He then went on to receive his Master’s degree in High Renaissance Art, with a special focus on Michelangelo. He is currently based at University College Cork, where he lectures and researches in the History of Art department. His research, and his passion for Italian art and culture, regularly takes him to cities such as Rome and Florence, where he has led educational tours for undergraduate students. Matthew is friendly and laidback by nature, with a love of travel and a keen dedication to learning.

Matthew's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Djemila

    Mediterranean Mosaic: Italy, Corsica, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco

    April 19May 3, 2021

    Exquisite Greek and Roman cities once created a mosaic of flourishing cultural centers around the Mediterranean Sea. Today they stand in silent testimony to that epoch as magnificent ruins far better preserved, far more impressive, and far less crowed than most of the archaeological sites of mainland Europe.

  • Wild Ireland & Scotland

    Wild Ireland & Scotland COMBO Voyage

    May 29June 12, 2021

    Discover ancient wonders, sublime landscapes, unique geology, prolific birdlife, and charming villages as you journey to Ireland and Scotland. Witness some of Europe's largest seabird colonies—puffins, gannets, guillemots, kittiwakes, and more, with visits to Giant’s Causeway, Neolithic monuments, and a variety of architectural wonders

  • Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

    Wild Ireland

    May 29June 7, 2021

    Discover Ireland’s ancient wonders, sublime landscapes, unique geology, prolific birdlife, and charming villages as you journey along the island’s scenic west coast. This voyage may be combined with Wild Scotland for a comprehensive view of the region.

  • Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

    Circumnavigation of the Black Sea

    July 18July 31, 2021

    Centuries of history and splendid architecture come to life as you discover the countries surrounding the Black Sea—Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. Join our experts to explore busy bazaars, archeological treasures, and stunning landscapes.