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Olga Stone

Classical Historian

Olga Eggert

Olga was born in Crimea, Ukraine. She graduated from the Odessa Conservatoire with distinction in piano, piano accompaniment, and the teaching of music. After leaving the Conservatoire she embarked on a career as a professional pianist and accompanist and performed in Moscow, Minsk, Kiev and other cities of the former Soviet Union. She has made many appearances on Ukrainian, Russian, and Belorussian television. She moved to the Isle of Man in 1998 and in 2001, was elected a Fellow of Trinity College of Music in London (F.T.C.L.). Olga has performed in various venues around the world, as well as on board a large number of cruise ships. When not on concert engagements, Olga teaches piano, classics, and Russian at King William's College (Isle of Man). She also is the organist at St. Andrew's Church, Isle of Man. Apart from degrees in music, Olga has a MA in classics and BA in the history of arts, and is a part -time history lecturer for the University of Liverpool and for the University of Chester. Olga’s training in history, art and music gives her lectures a unique blend of creativity and allows her to provide all-round and deep insight into a subject.


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