Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Rommel Cruz


Rommel Cruz

Rommel has been guiding birdwatchers from across the world since he was 25 years old. He is one of the founding members of Birdwatch-Palawan Ornithological Society and currently works at the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development. Visual and acoustical identification of birds and mammals are his expertise; Rommel is also a zookeeper and a wildlife conservationist. 

Rommel's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Tubbataha Reef

    Philippines with Palau & Taiwan

    February 29March 16, 2020

    On this exotic Philippines tour, explore mangrove forests and scenic coastlines on numerous Zodiac excursions, while nature hikes and snorkeling and diving excursions reveal the amazing biodiversity of these isolated islands. A special highlight is the opportunity to interact with native cultures whose customs are reflected in their intricate tribal dress, colorful dances, and rich folklore.