Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Sacha Guggenheimer


Sacha Guggenheimer

Sacha was born in Australia and grew up exploring its vast wilderness. Her love for the ocean and animals was apparent from an early age and she dreamed of filming and photographing marine megafauna around the world. With this vision, she went on to become a marine biologist, graduating with honors in seabird foraging ecology. 

Her work in research took her to the Centre of Marine Science and Technology in Western Australia, where she spent several years investigating acoustic communication and population dynamics of Australia’s humpback, southern right, and pygmy blue whale populations in the Indian and Southern oceans.

When on land, Sacha is a photographer and filmmaker on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. She is also involved in product development of reef safe sunblock to help preserve resilience of corals against climate change. What Sacha enjoys most in her career is being the bridge between people and the ocean, and is always enthusiastic about exploring new habitats, creatures, and cultures.