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How We Travel

We travel to all seven continents on expeditions by land and sea. Our small-ship cruises carry no more than 160 guests and our overland adventures are designed for 8 - 18 guests, depending on the destination. And, Zegrahm’s Private Travel team is available to design completely personalized adventures based solely on your aspirations.

Small-Ship Cruises

Exploring by small ship gives adventurers the flexibility and ease to navigate some of the most fascinating and remote destinations on Earth. To this end, we exclusively charter vessels from the best fleets in the world, carefully matching each ship with the specific region we’re visiting. All of the expedition vessels we charter offer all ocean- or river-view staterooms and suites, and provide access to myriad amenities, including a dining room, library, lounge, observation area, fleet of Zodiacs for excursions ashore, and more.

Cultural Journeys

Our Cultural Journeys reveal the architectural treasures and cultural wonders of the region explored, including such fascinating destinations as the breathtaking Dalmatian Coast and the colorful casbahs of Morocco. You’ll travel with a small group of like-minded travelers accompanied by a Travel Director who will act as your personal trip concierge, as well as experienced local guides.

Wildlife Adventures

Our Wildlife Adventures take you to some of the world's most pristine wilderness to search for wildlife—from Africa's Big Five to the adorable snow monkeys of Japan. You'll travel with a small group of like-minded travelers accompanied by an expert leader and experienced local guides who will offer valuable insight to each day’s discoveries.

Private Travel

Put Zegrahm’s existing worldwide connections and 25 years of experience to the test! Let our Private Travel team craft a one-of-a-kind itinerary to virtually anywhere you aspire to travel.