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Overland Adventures

Our overland adventures celebrate the world’s most intriguing destinations. To thoroughly immerse ourselves in these destinations, from India to Namibia, we rely on several modes of travel, from 4x4 vehicles to local motorcoaches/mini-vans and boats. Our overland adventures typically include iconic regional accommodations and world-class urban hotels. In Africa, the camps we choose combine outstanding wilderness experiences with comfortable lodging – imagine strolling from your room to a deck overlooking a watering hole for elephants and rhinos. In Mongolia, you’ll stay in a traditional ger camp, nomadic-style tents set in remote wilderness. And while searching for tigers in India, we find ourselves at a romantic jungle lodge, with modern amenities and proximity to the wilderness we seek. The itineraries we offer vary from year to year; below please find our upcoming overland adventures.

Upcoming Overland Adventures

  • Borneo


    August 8August 23, 2018

    Search for a huge variety of charismatic species, including orangutans, Bornean pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, clouded leopards, great argus pheasants, eight species of hornbills, and the bizarre Bornean bristlehead on this classic expedition led by naturalists Michael Moore and Rich Pagen.

  • Remote Tanzania

    Remote Tanzania

    August 8August 24, 2018

    With one of the Earth’s largest concentrations of wildlife, from lions and elephants to thousands of birds, Tanzania is sublime—roam the country’s lesser-known parks in the company of renowned wildlife photographer Lex Hes. 

  • Samoa & Tonga: Swimming with Humpbacks

    Samoa & Tonga: Swimming with Humpbacks

    August 27September 8, 2018

    Swim and snorkel with humpback whales, on this brand-new expedition through Samoa and Tonga. Led be marine biologist Brad Climpson, you'll also meet with locals to learn about their traditions of song and dance, and search for rare island endemics such as the Samoan fantail, Samoan whistler, Samoan starling, and Tongan whistler.

  • Best of Brazil

    Wild Brazil: From Atlantic Forest to the Pantanal

    September 16October 4, 2018

    Search for Brazil’s iconic wildlife—caiman, giant anteaters, Brazilian tapirs, maned wolves, capybara, howler monkeys, marmosets, giant river otters, and our ultimate goal, the elusive jaguar—on this overland adventure with Mark Brazil. 

  • Victoria Amazonica Water Lilies, Wild Guyana

    Wild Guyana

    October 5October 14, 2018

    Search Guyana’s rainforest, rivers, and savanna for rare and endangered species, such as giant anteaters, black caiman, harpy eagles, giant river otters, and the elusive jaguar. And, witness the awesome power of Kaieteur Falls, the world’s highest single-drop waterfall.

  • Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Lemur Island


    October 6October 23, 2018

    Nature enthusiasts hold Madagascar in high esteem for its botanicals, birds, and famous lemurs. Come for the striking biodiversity; stay for the 1,000 varieties of orchid, pygmy stump-tailed chameleons, and lovely Malagasy people.

  • Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed

    Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed

    October 12October 30, 2018

    This Japan adventure introduces you to everything from Honshu Island’s local residents to Kyoto’s noteworthy temples and Kanazawa’s famous gardens of Kenroku-en—it’s an off-the-beaten-path immersion with incredible personal connections made possible by Japan expert Mark Brazil. 

  • Classic Kenya

    Classic Kenya

    October 13October 21, 2018

    This brand-new adventure is designed to give you a classic, yet intimate safari experience, with stays at luxurious tented camps situated in remote wilderness areas.

  • Asiatic Leopard

    Central India: A Wildlife Safari

    November 16December 1, 2018

    The original setting of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Pench National Park, is just one of the stunning national parks visited on this Indian safari. Also explore Bandhavgarh National Park, formerly a maharajah’s private hunting preserve, as well as Satpura National Parka, a 202-square-mile national park and tiger reserve.

  • Bagan, Myanmar

    Myanmar & Laos: Land of a Thousand Temples

    November 23December 11, 2018

    Journey with us into some of the least-explored regions of Indochina—Myanmar and Laos—where countless regal temples, lovely minority tribes-people, and stunning gardens await. Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset, the whitewashed Mon Temple in Bagan, and the floating gardens of Inle Lake.