Island Sky

Small-Ship Cruises

The allure of small-ship cruises is the flexibility and ease with which we are able to navigate some of the most fascinating destinations on Earth, including remote islands and narrow fjords inaccessible by larger ship. To this end, we have chartered the select vessels below from the best fleets in the world for our small-ship voyages—using the highest standards and providing you with the very best experience. All of the vessels we charter offer lovely oceanview staterooms and have access to myriad amenities, including a dining room, library, lounge, observation area, fleet of Zodiacs for excursions ashore, and more.

Our Vessels

  • Caledonian Sky

    Caledonian Sky

    Recently refurbished, the all-suite Caledonian Sky welcomes 100 guests at a time to her beautifully designed public spaces, vast outdoor decks, alfresco dining, and Zodiac excursions.

  • Coral Discoverer

    Coral Discoverer

    Sized just petite enough for immersive regional exploration, the 65-guest Coral Discoverer caters to the adventurous spirit with a fleet of Zodiacs and a glass-bottom boat—and to the sybaritic spirit with Australian and New Zealand wines, two large-screen TVs, and all ocean-view staterooms.

  • Galapagos Sky

    Galapagos Sky

    Used exclusively as a diving live-board in the Galápagos Islands, the 16-guest Galapagos Sky provides a luxurious environment for divers to call home. The fleet of Zodiacs on board make diving in one of the largest marine protected areas in the world instantly accessible.

  • Hebridean Sky

    Hebridean Sky

    The all-suite Hebridean Sky welcomes 100 guests at a time to her beautifully designed public spaces, vast outdoor decks, alfresco dining, and Zodiac excursions.

  • Isabela II

    Isabela II

    Dedicated to Galápagos expeditions, the 40-guest Isabela II boasts an observation area for whale- and dolphin-watching, ample outdoor seating, 21 outside staterooms, a dining room, and a fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks.

  • Island Sky

    Island Sky

    The recently enhanced Island Sky is the best of both worlds for an expedition ship—spacious, yet intimate, with an elegant piano bar, well-stocked library, alfresco dining on the rear sun deck, and a fleet of Zodiacs for excursions ashore.

  • Le Ponant

    Le Ponant

    As beguiling as a sleek, three-masted sailing ship is expected to be, the graceful Le Ponant offers two restaurants, all ocean-view staterooms, Zodiacs and watersports equipment, and more beneath her 16,140-square-foot sails.

  • Ocean Diamond

    Ocean Diamond

    Outfitted with stabilizers and an ice-hardened hull, the Ocean Diamond is perfect for cruising in the polar regions. Recently refurbished, she welcomes 175 guests at a time; amenities include a single-seating dining room, two lounges, and a fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks.

  • Orion


    Used exclusively as a diving live-aboard in the Maldives, the 20-guest Orion provides a relaxing atmosphere among true Maldivian ambiance. The dhoni (traditional sailboat) on board makes snorkeling and diving in some of the world’s best atolls instantly accessible.

  • Silver Discoverer

    Silver Discoverer

    Recently refurbished, the 120-guest Silver Discoverer is ideal for cruising the Far North. Each stateroom features an ocean view and her fleet of Zodiacs allows for up-close exploration of remote shorelines and offshore islands.

  • Variety Voyager

    Variety Voyager

    Just 72 guests at a time enjoy the newly built, world-class Variety Voyager private yacht, featuring all ocean-view staterooms, marble bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, spacious public areas, alfresco dining, and a sun deck with a bar.


Upcoming Small Ship Cruises

  • Odessa, Ukraine

    Circumnavigation of the Black Sea

    October 4October 18, 2016

    Centuries of history and architecture come to life as you discover the countries surrounding the Black Sea—Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria—and its busy bazaars, archeological treasures, and stunning landscapes.

  • Indonesia: Raja Ampat & Asmat Villages

    Indonesia: Raja Ampat & Asmat Villages

    November 3November 21, 2016

    From Bunaken National Marine Park—where you’ll snorkel and dive with rainbow-hued tropical fish—to the Raja Ampat archipelago—home to the world’s richest variety of marine life—this is an incredibly immersive exploration of Indonesia.

  • Hawksbill Turtle

    Faces of Melanesia

    November 17December 3, 2016

    Introducing the extraordinary diversity of Melanesia and its fascinating people, our award-winning journey to these idyllic islands features incredible bird-watching opportunities, elaborate local traditions and ceremonies, snorkeling over pristine coral reefs, and the option to explore Papua New

  • Wild Caribbean with the Grenadines

    December 4December 17, 2016

    On our journey through the lesser-known Eastern Caribbean, we’ll venture to ports inaccessible to larger ships, affording you the chance for dazzling snorkeling, hiking, bird-watching—glimpse the St. Vincent parrot—and explorations of historic forts and peaceful colonial plazas. 

  • Napoleon Wrasse

    Ultimate Maldives: A Snorkeling & Diving Adventure

    January 2January 16, 2017

    Cruise through the lesser-visited southern Maldives aboard the luxurious 20-guest diving live-aboard, Orion. With two or three snorkel or dive options daily, you’ll search for whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, Napoleon wrasses, and dolphins among the stunning

  • Brown Bluff, Antarctic Peninsula

    Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands

    January 5January 26, 2017

    Following in Sir Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps, explore the White Continent’s rugged landscape, meeting vast penguin colonies in South Georgia and the South Orkney Islands, greeting albatross in the Falkland Islands, and enjoying every long moment of daylight in the austral summer.

  • Ultimate Maldives

    Ultimate Maldives: A Snorkeling & Diving Adventure

    January 12January 26, 2017

    Cruise through the lesser-visited southern Maldives aboard the luxurious 20-guest diving live-aboard, Orion. With two or three snorkel or dive options daily, you’ll search for whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, Napoleon wrasses, and dolphins among the stunning underwater topograp

  • Enderby, Auckland Islands

    Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand

    January 17February 3, 2017

    One of the few operators allowed to travel the far-flung isles of the Tasman Sea, join us on a journey through the Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand, as well as Macquarie Island.

  • Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Vietnam: Culture & Cuisine

    January 31February 15, 2017

    Aboard the intimate, 65-guest Coral Discoverer, cruise among the dramatically sculpted limestone islands and islets of stunning Halong Bay; visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of colorful Hoi An and explore the local markets; and savor delectable cuisine.

  • Hundred Islands National Park, Philippines

    Asia's Subtropical Isles: Philippines, Taiwan & Japan

    March 11March 29, 2017

    Leave Asia’s skyscrapers and hectic pace behind for stunning beaches, fantastical caves, and primeval forests. The subtropical islands of the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan float like jewels upon the Pacific, offering precious treasures for adventurers to discover. 

  • Cuba Under Sail

    Cuba Under Sail

    March 29April 14, 2017

    Immerse yourself in Cuban culture as you visit friendly locals, savor traditional cuisine, and enjoy musical performances, including a visit to the Buena Vista Social Club. Plus, you’ll travel with ease aboard the intimate, 56-guest sailing ship, Le Ponant.

  • Australia's Kimberley

    Australia's Kimberley: A Voyage to the Outback

    April 14April 28, 2017

    Your adventures in the remote and captivating Kimberley region of Western Australia are highlighted by unusual wildlife in Prince Regent Nature Reserve, the beauty of the Buccaneer Archipelago, and sublime desert-scapes.

  • Circumnavigation of Iceland

    Circumnavigation of Iceland

    June 1June 12, 2017

    Iceland—a land of hot springs, glaciers, lava fields, and waterfalls—is a nature lover’s paradise.

  • Geographic Harbor, Katmai National Park, Alaska

    Wild Alaska

    July 6July 20, 2017

    This expedition takes advantage of the long mid-summer hours of daylight as you trace pristine shores, cross the Arctic Circle, and observe countless numbers of seabirds.

  • St. Petersburg, Russia

    Best of the Baltic

    July 14July 30, 2017

    Discover the scenic beauty of Bornholm Island; visit Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once trading center of the Hanseatic League; tour the historic districts of Gdansk, Riga, and Tallin; and enjoy a daylight transit of the 61-mile Kiel Canal.

  • Lipari, Aeolian Islands

    Circumnavigation of Sicily

    September 26October 8, 2017

    Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Agrigento and Syracuse; cruise among the scenic Aeolian Islands and enjoy up-close views of still-active Stromboli Volcano;  and tour Monreale’s impressive 12th-century Cathedral, hailed as Italy’s most beautiful Norman church, all on this circumnavigati

  • Galapagos Diving Adventure

    Galapagos Diving Adventure

    October 7October 16, 2017

    Cruise through the Galapagos Islands aboard the luxurious 16-guest diving liveaboard, Galapagos Sky. With diving options daily, you'll search for whale sharks, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, eagle rays, barracuda, mola mola, and more among the stunning underwater topogra

  • Suwarrow Atoll

    Faces of Polynesia: Fiji to Tahiti

    October 22November 7, 2017

    Your journey through a South Pacific paradise includes fabled Fiji and Tahiti—of course—while also immersing you in the incredible natural beauty and friendly peoples of lesser-traveled Tonga, Wallis & Futuna, and Cook Islands.

  • Polynesia

    Tahiti to Easter Island: Marquesas, Tuamotus & Pitcairns

    November 5November 24, 2017

    Beyond the typical Polynesian paradise, one may delve deeper, to find aquamarine lagoons affording the world’s most dazzling snorkeling and diving, an intriguing Easter Island tour and the sky-piercing volcanoes of the Marquesas.