Seven Continents Club - Terms & Conditions

The Seven Continents Club is a loyalty rewards program which is operated by Zegrahm Expeditions. By gaining membership to The Seven Continents Club, you acknowledge that Zegrahm assumes no contractual or legal responsibility to you. Members may not rely upon the continued availability of any reward, premium, privilege or other benefit. Zegrahm specifically reserves the right to amend, alter, withdraw or terminate The Seven Continents Club (in whole or in part), any program, benefit, award, reward, award/reward level, premium or privilege or these rules either with or without notice. Zegrahm assumes no liability to members whatsoever, including without limitation, liability by reason of the termination of or amendment to The Seven Continents Club in whole or in part, the addition or deletion of rewards with or without notice, limitations on the availability of rewards, or any change to reward or tier levels.

First-time guests of Zegrahm Expeditions are automatically enrolled in the Seven Continents Club upon the completion of their first expedition with the company. Travel agents and their families, and Zegrahm employees and their families are not eligible for club membership.

Guests who have previously traveled with Zegrahm Expeditions have been automatically enrolled in the Seven Continents Club, and have been assigned to the program tier level that corresponds to the number of expeditions on which they have traveled with the company as of March 1, 2017. Benefits immediately available to a past guest are those that correspond to his or her tier level as shown; these benefits may not be applied retroactively and are only available for future bookings; benefits likewise not available to incoming tier members are the one-time offers of i) $500 air credit, ii) complimentary pre-or-post trip hotel night and dinner, and iii) branded gear item for Globetrotter members. Any past guest who has already received a free expedition from the Zegrahm Expeditions for travel on 50 or more trips with the company is ineligible to receive such benefits in the future.

There are no membership fees associated with The Seven Continents Club. Rewards and benefits acumulated under the program are promotional and have no cash value. The Seven Continents Club rewards or any other benefits are personal and cannot be assigned, traded, willed or otherwise transferred and any assignment or transfer in violation of these rules will be void and may, at the discretion of Zegrahm, result in the loss of membership or the cancellation of the affected reward or benefit, as the case may be. Membership to The Seven Continents Club belongs to the traveler, and not to the person or company who paid for the passenger’s voyage.

The Seven Continents Club membership is a privilege which can be revoked by Zegrahm at its discretion at any time and without compensation including without limitation, abuse by the member of any of the Terms and Conditions of the Seven Continents Club or any other actions deemed by Zegrahm, acting in its sole discretion, to be deleterious to Zegrahm, the Seven Continents Club or the interests of its partners.

Benefits may change without warning. Details of program benefits are as follows:

  • Zegrahm will be the final authority as to whether any itinerary qualifies for the loyalty discount under the Terms and Conditions of the Seven Continents Club. Pre- and post-expedition extensions are not qualifying itineraries.
  • The 5%, 10%, and 25% savings discounts are not combinable—the highest discount will be applied to invoice at time of booking—and only apply to the expedition cost; discounts do not apply to the cost of extensions, optional excursions, airfare, or any other costs not included in the expedition cost.
  • Up to $500 air credit is a one-time benefit that may only be used when booking second trip within six months of returning home from first trip. Air must be booked and ticketed through Zegrahm Expeditions. Airfare must be paid in full by traveler for ticket issuance. Credit of up to $500 will appear as a discount off the expedition fare on traveler’s invoice. No refund will be given for any unused portion of credit.
  • Referral credit is available for use after a referred guest has traveled. Referral credits are based on bookings, not number of booked guests on a reservation. Referred guest must be noted in Zegrahm's database prior to time of booking. 
  • Complimentary hotel night and dinner is a one-time benefit that can be used on 11th or subsequent trip that includes a group hotel night at beginning or end of expedition; guests will be booked at group hotel and receive a $100 per person Visa gift card for dinner.
  • Complimentary expedition cruise will be booked into a guaranteed Category 1 cabin. Should a guest wish to upgrade to a higher cabin category, they may pay the difference between the Category 1 pricing and the category type requested.
  • When achieving Globetrotter status, guests should be aware that each expedition is assigned to only one continent—even if multiple continents are visited—based on the continent where the most time is spent.
  • Discounts and other benefits will be calculated at the time of booking and are not reflected during booking process if making a reservation through Zegrahm’s website. All discounts and benefits will be reflected on guest’s invoice.

Zegrahm reserves the right to to terminate, discontinue or cancel the The Seven Continents Club program or to change the entry conditions, terms, and conditions of The Seven Continents Club at any time and in its sole discretion without notice to you. Zegrahm will be the final authority as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions. Zegrahm reserves the right to modify, change or alter at any time without notice.

Without notice to you, Zegrahm  reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate your account and/or your participation in The Seven Continents Club if Zegrahm  determines in its sole discretion that you have violated these Terms of Use, you have more than one (1) account, or that the use of your account is unauthorized, deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful. Zegrahm may, in its sole discretion, suspend, cancel or combine accounts that appear to be duplicative. In the event that your participation in The Seven Continents Club is terminated, then all accumulated Stars in your account are void.

Without notice to you, Zegrahm also reserves the right to “unregister" and make ineligible for the The Seven Continents Club program any account that has been inactive for five (5) consecutive years. Inactive is defined as no rewards earned. In the event that your account is unregistered or rendered inactive, then all accumulated rewards in your account are void.

Zegrahm shall attempt to communicate statement and/or other program information and/or promotional information to members. Zegrahm shall have no liability for any failure to do so. Zegrahm will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail, by email or otherwise.

These Seven Continents Club Terms and Conditions complement and incorporate by reference the Zegrahm Terms and Conditions, the Zegrahm Website Terms of Use and the Zegrahm Privacy Policy (collectively, the "Zegrahm Terms and Conditions"). In the event of any conflict between the Seven Continents Club Terms and Conditions and the Zegrahm Terms and Conditions, the Zegrahm Terms and Conditions control.

Contact: For conditions of entry and further general information on The Seven Continents Club, please visit: or contact Zegrahm Expeditions at 800.628.8747 or